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Learn the same advanced 6-step system I taught Hugh so you can hack your way into the Big Leagues...

Hack any social scene, connect with anyone & become part of the "In Crowd" ...

Use this proven system to connect with high level mentors... billionaires... investors... build an elite-level mastermind to accelerate your success... get funding for your own ideas and investments... hack your way into your city's elite social scene... get access to the critical people you need to bring your business, your life, your career to the next level.

This is the ONLY "paint by numbers" method in the world for systematically hacking the social hierarchy and "status ladder" of any network

Even if you're a total nobody, starting from ground zero with no capital or connections.

And when I say ANY social network, I mean it:

I've used to to hack my way into Hollywood & get invited to exclusive red carpet events.

One of my students followed in my footsteps and used to to get into the Academy Awards.

It's simple: decide who you need to connect with to reach the next level in your lifestyle, business or career...

... then execute the program.

My Guarantee:

During the course of the class you will choose one individual you would like to connect with.

Someone who can help you bring your lifestyle or business to the next level... even someone you think is "too successful" for you to meet.

And I will help you put together a step by step plan for meeting this exact individual.

If at the end of the call you're not 110% confident that YOU could personally meet and connect with this person, you don't pay me a dime.

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Yes, Reserve My Seat Now!

Yes Greg, I understand that I’ll be billed $0.00 right now to reserve my spot. I understand that at the end of the live event Greg Greenway will ask me “If this event was not worth your time, just email me at (a secret email address that will be revealed on the webinar) and you won’t have to pay a dime." If I enjoy the event and decide to do nothing, I am giving Greg permission to charge me the nominal $97 ticket fee.